Benefits of the oriental Shiatsu massage technique

Do you suffer from stress muscles, headaches, insomnia, nervousness, sore back and neck? Does the stress has taken over your life? We offer you a relaxing massage for the body to release all your senses and blow your imagination. Want… Continue Reading

Treatments and high frequency applications in Aesthetics

The high frequency is a technique widely used for various purposes in the field of aesthetics, this type of power does not generate a muscle contraction and other streams, but works at the skin. The release of energy that is… Continue Reading

Treatment to remove facial veins and spider veins IPL

With Photofacial treatment that uses intense pulsed light (IPL) can remove sunspots, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, facial veins and spider veins. This is one of the latest advances in dermatology that turns skin red and blotchy in a healthy dermis, smooth and… Continue Reading

Soft Lift, treatment of facial rejuvenation: Botox and hyaluronic acid

Sof Lift is a nonsurgical procedure that acts on the signals of aging skin, such as static and dynamic wrinkles

Soft Lift is an advanced technique using excellent anti-aging treatments (Botox and hyaluronic acid) gets a rejuvenating facial. In just one session is possible to get amazing results and a completely revamped. Sof Lift is a nonsurgical procedure that acts… Continue Reading

BodySculptor to reduce fat and shape the body contour

BodySculptor is a complete and effective weight loss system that makes use of bio-magnetic waves of very low frequency to stimulate lipolysis in the whole body, thus obtaining the reduced weight and volume. The BodySculptor addition to metabolize fatty acids… Continue Reading

Postoperative care and massage of Abdominoplasty

Postoperative care and massage of Abdominoplasty

Interventions to reduce the abdomen to withdraw excess skin and fat, while strained abdominal muscle wall if necessary. As with any surgery, good results are guaranteed by the experience and professional ability, as well as to monitor the precise indications… Continue Reading

Reiki and reflexology to relieve stress and facial expression lines fade

Always carry an anti-frizz product

In the field of aesthetics there are plenty of options that strive for beauty outside of the people, and others who work from “inside out”, as in the case of therapies that seek to achieve eastern inner balance, which reflected… Continue Reading

Grinberg Method, physical and mental healing

The Grinberg method is a process that seeks to educate the body to reduce suffering, to achieve recovery, wellness and personal growth. Taught to pay attention to the body, failed efforts to differentiate and how to stop doing, is based… Continue Reading