Twitter: 4 Free services to know the lost subscribers

A new Twitter Subscriber will take time before a significant number of subscribers. It is important to persevere and to remember that a community is not just a simple number. Similarly, the relevance of the relationship is not calculated a… Continue Reading

Social networks: do you have any regrets?

The answer is “yes” for the U.S. Internet, if one relies on a survey commissioned by the site Retrevo. The results of this survey, as many as one in three Americans said he regretted the publication of a photo or… Continue Reading

Avoid problems with social networks

There is much talk lately about the problems that can cause us that our photographs and personal information is exposed to the public through social networks. However, if we watch a few details can be quite easy to avoid complications… Continue Reading

Rockmelt now available for download, the new social browser

That’s right. RockMelt now available for download, the new social web browser that allows users who have installed on your computer to access directly to all social media sites that exist in the network, or most of them Facebook, Twitter… Continue Reading