How to lose weight after pregnancy

Weight loss after pregnancy

The weight maintenance and not overdoing it during pregnancy is a goal that not all women get as standard practice is to raise some extra pounds. While this does not create a health problem if kept within healthy limits, once the baby is born the extra weight it can be uncomfortable for women. Continue Reading

Tips for combating cellulite with food

One factor that influences, among others, the appearance of cellulite is poor nutrition. What is not always correct is to identify the foods that cause the skin orange. Therefore, know some foods to avoid according to type of cellulite suffering,… Continue Reading

Hair loss due to weight loss

Hair loss due to weight loss

Weight loss diets, especially those that are restrictive can cause consequences harmful, not only overall health but also aesthetically. Why? Because these do not provide all the nutrients the body needs. So if you like looking hair abundant and healthy,… Continue Reading

Swimming for weight loss: does it really work?

Swimming for weight loss does it really work

It is known that swimming is one of the sports best suited for all types of people, because while exercising all your muscles, not a sport of impact. But does it helps to lose weight really? In this article you… Continue Reading

Secret tips to lose weight with watermelon

Secret tips to lose weight with watermelon

The watermelon is a fruit that has a great ability to remove retained fluid in the body, helping to detoxify, debug and also to lose weight. Its use can be really varied, rising in smoothies, juices or eating normally like… Continue Reading

Plants that cause allergies because of the sun effect

There are several types of plants possessing a photoactive substance that can affect the epidermis. If people are wet or sweaty in the sun and are in contact with this sap, originates an allergic reaction.   How to identify them… Continue Reading

The benefits of breastfeeding to lose weight postpartum

The benefits of breastfeeding to lose weight postpartum

The benefits of physical and emotional breastfeeding are extensive for both mother and child and are even supported by scientific studies. But despite this, many women choose artificial feeding. Breastfeeding not only helps the baby’s intellectual development, but helps the… Continue Reading

BodySculptor to reduce fat and shape the body contour

BodySculptor is a complete and effective weight loss system that makes use of bio-magnetic waves of very low frequency to stimulate lipolysis in the whole body, thus obtaining the reduced weight and volume. The BodySculptor addition to metabolize fatty acids… Continue Reading

Metabolism and weight loss: how many calories you burn?

Look closer physical activity and metabolism. Although you have little control over the speed of your metabolism, you can control how many calories you burn through your physical activity level. Plus you’re active you can burn more calories. In fact,… Continue Reading