Natural remedies and cures for spots and stains on skin

natural remedies and cures for stains and skin blemishes

Skin has pigmentation changes which are called stains. ¬†Stains appear due to various factors, pregnancy, genetics, excessive sun exposure are among many others. They are located different area of skin, blemishes as freckles, moles and age spots and each have… Continue Reading

How to control blackheads

How to control blackheads

One of the most common skin problems and are easy to control so-called black spots, the accumulation of dead cells that tends to clog pores and results in the appearance of black spots on the skin, and also results in… Continue Reading

Is there a connection between woman hormones and acne?

Hormones have been traditionally linked to mood and nature of highly emotional women. Lately, people are familiar with terms such as PMS or premenstrual syndrome, knowing how they affect the female body. But when it comes to female hormones, few… Continue Reading