women’s health: Causes of spider veins

A few simple rules for everyday and special exercises for the legs can help to prevent them or spider veins. Spider veins are not to be confused with varicose veins, which are enlarged veins that stand out nodular and blue… Continue Reading

Women’s health follow – Advantages of Period Calendar

Perform the periodic calendar brings some advantages, not only to achieve better understanding of your body, but also the timely detection of diseases. You know the problem, you have a screening appointment with your gynecologist and can not answer the… Continue Reading

Five slimming and anti cellulite foods

Red apples, yogurt, green tea, pink grapefruit, pineapple have the properties of the five allies to lose weight and cellulite. Discover with us the five super foods diet that should not be missing from your diet. Put them in your… Continue Reading

Prevention of biliary colic

The cramps are painful episodes that are caused by obstruction of the gall bladder, urinary tract or kidneys, causing the occurrence of painful symptoms. It is also necessary to outline the known as menstrual cramps (or dysmenorrhoea ), which appear… Continue Reading

Breast implant rupture, causes and symptoms

The breast implant rupture is something that does not happen often, in most cases it happen because of accidents where there is strong chest trauma, but there are other reasons either, viz:- Damage occurred because of surgical instruments Excessive manipulation… Continue Reading