Tagdef dot com: know the meaning of hashtags

Those who are starting to move a little in this of Twitter and have not yet mastered too, can see that for a while there is a tendency to use words preceded by a # when it comes to certain issues, which usually appears in most Trending Topics. This is what is known as “hashtags” and aim to bring together tweets that discuss the same topic and facilitate the search for information. For example, if you make a comment on Infoheaps signing for Joseph #Infoheaps can add to your tweet is best identified by those who read it.

Tagdef know the meaning of hashtags

You can see some of the most popular hashtags in your Twitter sidebar, which are reflected the Trending Topics, or you can use the search engine that appears at the top to find hashtags on the topics that interest you.

However, given that Twitter is one of the most widely used social networks around the world by people of different countries and interests, in part because the character limit that is sometimes not easy to know what is the meaning of a particular hashtag.

For those times when we see a hashtag Trending Topics list or Tweet from a friend can turn to page TAGdef a website that helps us find the meaning of a particular hashtag and if not exists, we can be ourselves who write a definition on the subject.


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