Take advantage of the dishwasher: Hand washing your plates, glasses and flatware

It is a pity how little the programs and functions of so many dishwashers tend to take advantage of. Occasionally while you have breakfast, you calmly stare at your dishwasher and, with your eyes lost, you wonder what so many buttons, pilots and screens will look like …

Do you know your dishwasher?

It seems that I raise a question of truism. How will you not know? It’s that big thing that swallows all the crockery you put into it. Your dishwasher needs a minimum of good practices, as well as the right selection of its different programs that, in the end serve to get the best out of it, resulting in in better results and, in these times of drift of the electric receipts, it also supposes that lower consumption sought.

 hand washing your plates, glasses and flatware

It is also true that, in many cases, the automatic program of the latest dishwasher models self-regulates everything to optimize the process . But this is not always the case, we do not always have one of these smart appliances in our homes.

For the cases of mid-range dishwashers, with their programs entirely selectable by the user, the ECO cycles are the most recommended in case of doubt . They take longer, yes. But they extend their intervention to spend less water and less electricity, up to percentages of around 20%.

As for the programs of maximum temperature , with a cap usually in the 65th, they are recommended in case the crockery and / or cutlery are very dirty, or if you have accumulated a considerable amount of equipment (provided they are ordered and positioned properly). In these cases, cleaning at maximum temperature ensures the removal of all waste and complete disinfection. For these cases it is pertinent to pull maximum power, which, of course, for that is established by the manufacturers.

But as you have been able to intuit what has been said so far, the fact of knowing your dishwasher also affects your internal knowledge. The trays and grids are very well thought out to offer space to all types of heights, widths and depths. You can feel the gap in the grid that big glass fits, but the ideal is to take the book of instructions and discover what each space is designed for, you will be surprised at how much the brains are squeezed by the engineers that the manufacturers have. .

Oh! I forgot. Remember that you can not put anything in the dishwasher.

The choice of efficient programs

The efficiency of the dishwasher is measured in energy consumption used to achieve the best results. I say this because we tend to confuse this principle of efficiency with the simplest efficiency, that which governs when we want to achieve something in the fastest way . I do not think it’s so important to end the washing as soon as possible. The shorter program will work around the time, the more efficient another hour. Anyway, you’re not going to be there waiting to put the crockery in your closet, right?

In addition, it is important to note that the permanent choice of hot water for any cycle is an extra expense that is not always necessary. The cleaning of the dishes, in addition to the very heat of the water that drags everything, also cleans by jets of water with enough power to drag dirt.

If your crockery is not very dirty, and if you take care of passing each dish or covered by the tap quickly before placing them permanently in the dishwasher trays, it is likely that with the cold water in conjunction with the own detergent can clean efficient way all the tableware . Of course, for this, the distribution of dishes, cutlery and other equipment must have been done impeccably, respecting the spaces to allow the passage of water jets.

In any other situation in which you require programs with hot water, as I have already pointed out before, consider the load volume. You should only apply the maximum temperature in extreme cases of maximum occupancy and intense dirt . Remember that the efficiency indicated above results in less spending of media. Less water, less electricity, energy saving and ecological consumption. Those little details that added together make us all responsible consumers .


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