Create a cream to remove tattoos

Those with a bad tattoo could be celebrating and Bad Ink could go to ruin … a cream seems able to help get rid of bad ink. Alec Falkenham , a Canadian student of 27 years old with a PhD in the department of pathology, has developed a topical cream that helps the tattoo ink fade.

This tattoo removal cream not involve the consequences of laser tattoo removal because it does not cause scars, blisters or burns. Ultimately has no other effect than that of its target.
What I have been able to determine is that the cream works best tattoos over two years
When a tattoo on the skin, ink initiates an immune response in the body and cells called macrophages one move to the area to “eat” the ink. Some macrophages may take some ink to lymph nodes but most are colorful but stuck in the skin, so you still see the drawing.

This cream works created by Falkenham on macrophages remaining in the tattoo and encourages new macrophages to that target the place to consume and then migrate to the lymph nodes, leading all the dye with them.

Experts do not know how many sessions will be needed to completely fade a tattoo, for the time being tested cream ears tattooed a pig. What I have been able to determine is that the cream works best tattoos over two years.

As for the cost, will clearly be infinitely smaller than the laser. Falkenham estimated treatment tattoo removal cost four cents per square centimeter, thus an area of ??10 by 10 inches would cost about $ 4.50.

Note that this cream is still under development, and Falkenham is working for patenting it.

Similarly expectations are high because the initial research has shown very good results and the next stage of research will be the effects obtained.


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