Techniques to improve concentration in the study

Techniques to improve concentration in the studyImproving concentration will mean a turning point between quality and how to maximize the study and preparation of exams, without unnecessary waste of time.

Sleep, humor and even the perception of reality is altered when the days before an exam are approaching. By improving concentration, stress will be avoided and the hours dedicated to the study of a given subject will be taken advantage of.

Concentration, as with a muscle, can be exercised and trained to work better for our own benefit. To concentrate, you need to improve two basic aspects. On the one hand, what is known as mental self-regulation, consisting of training your mind to focus attention and maintain it and, on the other hand, control environmental factors, making sure that the conditions of noise, lighting and personnel are right for you . The goal is to avoid as many distractions as possible.

Methods to improve concentration when studying

Among the different methods to improve concentration when studying, we could highlight the following:

The Method of the 120 seconds

To carry out this exercise it is necessary to have in front of an analog clock with a “second” hand. Before starting this exercise, you should be relaxed and keep your mind clear and free of worries.

Then, pay your full attention to the needle that marks the seconds. You must follow it visually around the entire dial of the clock itself. You must follow it for exactly two minutes. After this time, close your eyes, do not think about anything and start again until you complete the two minutes. This exercise should be done at least once a day.

The spider technique

This method receives said name due to a concrete phenomenon. Have not you noticed that when you hit a spider’s web with a small branch, this insect approaches to see what happened? If you repeat this again and again, there will come a time when the spider will stop paying attention to this call and ignore it.

The idea is that we incorporate this behavior into our way of proceeding when it comes to studying. And, is that, we can teach our mind to ignore external distractions. To avoid, for example, the sound of television in a nearby room, the barking of a dog in the street or any other sound can distract you, you have to train your mind on several occasions, regardless of your hours of study.

So, for example, if you go to the movies, try to ignore people who cough or mumble and focus on the movie. Or, for example, while talking to someone, focus on the conversation and forget everything else.

Study with mindfulness

As it is derived from mindfulness philosophy, you must involve your entire mind in the task you are doing. So, for example, while you are eating, do not be distracted by television. Focus on the colors and taste of the food. Apply this to the study.

When you give your full attention to the words you are reading and focus your attention on understanding their meaning without anything external distracts you, you will achieve the improvement in concentration you so badly needed.

The sharing of concerns

Are you unable to concentrate because you do not stop thinking about what has happened at home or the anger that the professor has thrown at you? To remove these concerns, it would be advisable that you take a moment a day to focus on these types of issues.

The exam simulations

To test your concentration level as much as possible, you have to prepare yourself as if it were the same day of the test. In this way, you will be able to submit to the stress that this type of challenge arouses and so you can visualize yourself on the day of the official test.

In the event that it is an oral exam, hand made by someone next to you to ask you the questions and try to see how you would respond or mark the time it would take to complete the test.

The Here and Now technique

When we have in mind a large project, to improve concentration to the maximum, it is vital to divide the work into small goals and objectives we can walk on insurance. Very diverse studies confirm that people can not focus on more than seven elements at the same time. For that reason, we must set ourselves small goals and attack each one of them little by little.

We have to imagine this challenge as climbing a ladder. Until we reach the end of the road we will have to cross very different steps. We have to overcome these small obstacles until we reach the final goal. We must not be obsessed with the future position in the examination, but in the present and in the way we solve the small objectives that we have been marking.

Other tips

To improve concentration, we must follow other ideas that will help us solve the preparation of an exam:

-We must avoid mixing very diverse subjects in the same study session. It is necessary to procure, mix those that are common. Thus, for example, instead of studying history and mathematics, he fuses history with literature.

-Nobody studies more than an hour without losing concentration. That is why it is essential to take breaks of five minutes between sessions.

-Precise of a restful sleep to improve your concentration. Sleep a minimum of 8 hours. Although it is very common, do not study until late in the morning, because the memories of the studied can be somewhat diffuse.


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