Fujitsu mobile accessory to capture pictures in 3D

Ten 3D on any smartphone

The company Fujitsu has developed a mobile accessory that can capture pictures in three dimensions. For some experts is a somewhat complicated method and also the accessory is not the most graceful. However, the good news is that the firm… Continue Reading

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000: Keyboard for Tablet and smartphones

Even Microsoft is thrown on accessories for tablets and smartphones and does so with Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000, wireless keyboard to be connected to the tablet or smartphone. Compatibility is with Windows, Windows Phone, iOS and Android.   Unlike many… Continue Reading

Canon presents a 3 in 1 device

Canon has announced a multi-functional gadget, called Canon X Mark I mouse slim and will be available in August. This 3 in 1 device combines a calculator, a Bluetooth mouse and a keyboard on a computer by hand. The calculator… Continue Reading

Sony Ericsson revealed LiveSound Headset for smartphone

Sony Ericsson has launched the Hi-Fi headphones LiveSound for Android smartphones. The LiveSound headphones offer microphone and remote control for answering calls and controlling music. The Sony Ericsson LiveSound comes in combination of 2 colors: black / black, black /… Continue Reading

Scosche Freekey Flexible waterproof Keyboard with Bluetooth

Scosche has released a Bluetooth wireless keyboard naming Freekey that is both flexible and waterproof. It is especially designed for use with portable electronic devices. The flexible keyboard uses Bluetooth wireless technology that provides up to 30 meters wireless range… Continue Reading