Video Conferencing From Smartphones And Tablets

Smart Video experience

What is video conferencing and do you ever thought about video conferencing from smartphones and tablets for your schedule workshop or seminar? The UVC ClearSea solution extends the capabilities of Smart Video to mobile devices, and provides companies and businesses… Continue Reading

New automobile BYD F3 Plus and remote parking system

BYD F3 Plus and remote parking system

the engine range of BYD F3 Plus will consist initially of three options: a 1.5 16V engine 109 hp and 145 Nm, 1 Ti 0.5 154 hp and 240 Nm of torque respectively and lastly, a motor 1.5 TID 154 hp and 240 Nm. Depending on the mechanism chosen, it may be combined with a manual gearbox with five or six relations or a sequential six-speed dual clutch. Continue Reading