New drug against cardiovascular risk factors

New drug against cardiovascular risk factors

While science as emerging research for new drugs to reduce cholesterol and other cardiovascular risk factors, it is important to remember that, both high cholesterol and hypertension also need diet treatment and regular physical activity to controls both factors. After all, it is useless to take only drugs, but modified certain adverse health habits. Continue Reading

Fujitsu mobile accessory to capture pictures in 3D

Ten 3D on any smartphone

The company Fujitsu has developed a mobile accessory that can capture pictures in three dimensions. For some experts is a somewhat complicated method and also the accessory is not the most graceful. However, the good news is that the firm… Continue Reading

Hackers are working on an independent satellite system

The project hackerspace Global Grid (HGG) is pursuing the utopian goal of enabling its own satellite system simple and inexpensive ground stations to the Internet communication, which is of no country in the world. Activist Nick Farr called in August… Continue Reading

Microsoft demonstrated the second table computer for the first time in mid-January

Microsoft will demonstrate the capabilities of its Surface 2.0 in mid-January for the first time publicly. For this event Microsoft will use U.S. trade fair of the National Retail Federation in New York. The hardware with the official name Samsung… Continue Reading

Vocal for iOS 5 allows you to control the Mac through iPhone

Siri is the voice activated virtual assistant that has been presented and integrated in iOS 5, the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system market as the basis of the new iPhone 4S.  Siri has been said and written so… Continue Reading

What is the fact behind the process of synchronizing universal time

We live and work in a world totally different from what many of us were born. We are now more likely to buy something over the Internet than walk down to the street market. Also big business and trade has… Continue Reading

Samsung is first to provide Netflix in Latin America

The first computer company featuring Netflix instant streaming video through a Smart TV is Samsung. The company announced that it is available from a TV access Netflix intelligent, tool by which people can access a wide variety of movies and… Continue Reading

Sony Ericsson LiveView, remote control for Android phones

The Sony Ericsson LiveView is a small device that allows remote control of mobile operating system Android, which allows to receive messages and Twitter updates and Facebook in real time. This remote control is 35 mm high and wide and… Continue Reading

Apple Developed Latest Models TV

According to some sources say around the world, the famous and popular technology company, Apple would be in full development of a new product, that would be launched in March next year. Apparently, it would be three new and latest… Continue Reading