Use webcam to purchase online

That’s what the new technology Jumio offers, who wants to turn the webcam into secure credit card reader. The technology, called Netswipe uses a streaming video (streaming) safe to recognize and verify the information contained on a credit card. Just… Continue Reading

A billboard that recharges smartphone and music player!

The company under the brand VitaminWater is behind a billboard out of the ordinary, which makes it possible for users of public transport to charge their smartphone pending the passage of the bus. The people of Boston, Chicago and New… Continue Reading

Your own Star Trek PADD!

Dear Trekkies, a piece of science fiction becomes reality today. If you are a fan of Star Trek and you are the owner of an iPad, you should normally be very excited to learn that a new application for iPad… Continue Reading

New All in One Touch PC of MSI arrived

MSI has officially unveiled a new PC all-in-one desktop called MSI Wind Top AE2070. This device features a sleek white chassis with a transparent framework. The AE2070 uses MSI AIO UI Touch Wind 4 together with the operating system Windows… Continue Reading

Homer Simpson takes the title of co-pilot in the application iOSTomTom

The voice of Homer Simpson is now available on the App Store from Apple for drivers wishing to be guided by the irreplaceable character of the Simpsons in their road journey. For now, the application is only available in English.… Continue Reading