Teeth Whitening Methods Part I

Dentistry is not out of the “technological revolution” in which there are the latest beauty treatments. Read also: How can I get white teeth: Tips and Tricks

The placement of implants, there is a traumatic experience with technology that is currently applied and strategies to maintain the teeth in place and under the right conditions, coupled with touches of beauty, which increasingly more women and men are subjected.

It highlights the whitening, is distinguished in beauty treatments, is a technique that aims primarily to improve the color of teeth, always respecting the tissues, is a very safe and has no contraindications, because it is noninvasive.

Being a medical treatment it must be performed by qualified professionals, and within the framework of the office, thus ensuring immediate results and successful treatment in the medium and long term and patient safety.
teeth whitening teeth whitening
Teeth whitening is a treatment that is performed when conventional cleaning cosmetic does not get a satisfactory result, and which uses a carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, commonly known as hydrogen peroxide.

Clarification regarding empelados products is significant, as is sometimes said that the abrasion caused by them could damage the teeth, but in reality it does not, because the gel applied to the enamel, but enters the tooth destroy the molecules that are accumulated over the years, and as a result of the ingestion of certain foods and beverages, which are forming the spots.


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