Telepathy One: a competitor to Google Glass?

While Google Glass are talking about them, Takahito Iguchi at the Telepathy has recently introduced its connected glasses. Finer and more sophisticated, Telepathy One wants an ingenious use of alternative mobile gadgets.

Telepathy One takes on Google Glass with ultra-sleekness

Telepathy One is a futuristic device that offers a new dimension to communication. Indeed, it has a series of microphones and cameras integrated to a projection of high quality. Thus, the user will be able to have visual information in real time in a natural way. For this, a virtual 5-inch screen will be projected in front of the eye and leaves through all data. Telepathy One is connected with mobile devices including smartphones and tablets via the Bluetooth connection. Calls, email management, social networks, anything can happen. The existence of headphones makes it also possible to listen to music. In short, this portable device has been designed to establish a sort of telepathic connection with the caller hence its name.

Google Glass competitor Telepathy One has sleeker design

For now, the basic design is made with a prototype model unveiled at the SXSW festival in Austin Interactive 2013. According to estimates, the device will be sold at the end of 2013.


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