Teleworker – Work from home

Teleworkers were in the 1990s as a pioneer of a modern working environment with new freedoms to businesses and employees, today we consider the model differentiated.

There seemed to be a dream for the staff, as well as for their bosses: no more traffic on the way to the office, no tardiness, no harassment and no scramble for office spaces. There was also a significant cost savings for the company, because teleworkers or office rental cost, including all charges and acquisitions, companies have parking. But by the early 2000s, extensive studies have been hired after being surprised had stated that the number of teleworkers in the U.S. stagnated.

Teleworker - Work from home

Only one in 20 U.S. workers in 2001 was one Teleworker.

They had expected more: In the early 1990s was a bleak future for office landlords have been predicted. Who needs in times of Internet and video telephony still expensive areas, where people come to my feet? But only five percent of all office workers in the United States, the model found so attractive that they practiced it permanently. Led 62 percent of the companies not only one – because of lack of interest of their employees. Which was the contact with colleagues and superiors in the end rather than at home to be constantly on duty. Some people even feared to be simply forgotten respectively overlooked for promotions.

You may have had direct communication in the office, which takes place nonverbally to more than 50 percent below estimates. Perhaps, however, you also have the right jobs for teleworkers, and the right people are found for teleworking. After all, that two colleagues alternately share the same desk, can really degenerate into just stress. Much more likely to come into question workers’ data, the actual number of hours have focused on a screen at a task they can solve all by yourself anyway. For these people teleworking is most feasible.


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