The Best Way to Effectively Speed up Your iPhone

You may have found your iPhone is running slower than you’d like, at least not as quick as the day you bought it, even the new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, let alone an older iPhone, like iPhone 5s, 5, 4s, or 4. Maybe it has been performing more slowly since you installed the new iOS. The interface seems more sluggish, and apps take longer to open.

It is common that your iPhone is running more and more slowly over time, since more and more programs are installed and its limited memory has been filling up. What’s more, too many junk files begin to accumulate, making your device react more sluggish. Thus it is urgent to take measures to speed up your iPhone.

How Can You Boost Your iPhone Speed Effectively

When you realize your iPhone becomes slow, you may have tried to shut down some unwanted apps, uninstall unnecessary programs, or even do a hard reset. But the result is far more satisfactory. Its running speed isn’t improved obviously.

That’s why you need Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro for Mac, all-in-one tool to clean iPhone junk files and tweak your iOS device to its top performance. The whole speedup process requires only several simple clicks, which makes it easy to use for common users.

When you finishing downloading and installing, you directly open iPhone Care Pro for Mac and directly select “Speedup & Clean”. Then you will see 2 clean modes: Quick Clean and Deep Clean. The difference of the 2 clean modes lies in the types of files scanned. Quick Clean scans 8 types of junk files while Deep Clean scans 10 types. You can feel free to choose either of them.

select clean modes

Then choose the file types that you want to clean by sliding the button to ON or OFF and click “Scan Now” again to proceed.

quick clean
When the scanning completes, you can see the number of junk files in your iPhone. Click “Clean Now” or “Clean All” to move all junk files. After removing all the files, the program will display the count of junk files that are moved and free space reclaimed.

remove junk files
After you doing this, those app caches, cookies, temp files and other junk files will be removed from your iPhone and more storage space will be freed up, which finally makes your device run faster. If you are still sure if it works for you, you can click here to get the trial version to give it a try for free.


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