The 10 most popular extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera

The browser extensions are able to improve its functionality in a significant way: it can improve the workflow of a user’s Web browser or add information that would otherwise not directly accessible. If you try to make the rounds of various websites that host extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera, you will find that it is practically possible to upgrade your browser in every respect and, more or less, can make the experience you really complete.
10 most popular extensions

But have you ever wondered what are the top 10 extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera? has tried to give you the answer with the following list:

10 most popular extensions: Google Chrome

  1. Adblock  – block the ads.
  2. Google Mail Checker  – E-mail notifier for Gmail.
  3. FB Photo Zoom  – zooms photos to Facebook on mouseover.
  4. Turn Off The Lights  – obscures the rest of the page when you watch a video online.
  5. Google Translate  – quickly translate text and web pages in all languages.
  6. Google Chrome to Phone  – send links and other information to Android smartphones.
  7. IE Tab  – displays web pages with the IE engine without leaving Chrome.
  8. Google Dictionary  – a dictionary always just a click away.
  9. Evernote Web Clipper  – Allows you to save Web pages or portions of them to your Evernote account.
  10. Add to Amazon Wishlist  – Add to Wishlist items found in the Amazon network.


10 most popular extensions: Firefox

  1. Adblock Plus  – blocks the ads.
  2. Video DownloadHelper  – downloads videos embedded in Web pages
  3. Greasemonkey  – userscript allows you to use Firefox.
  4. Personas Plus  – allows the use of skins Advanced toolbar for Firefox.
  5. Download Statusbar  – shows the status of your downloads in the status bar of your browser.
  6. Firebug  – an extension number for web developers
  7. Flashgot  – allows you to integrate different download manager in Firefox.
  8. DownThemAll!  – very good download manager that integrates seamlessly with Firefox.
  9. NoScript  – stops the scripts of all kinds to make shipping safer.
  10. WOT – Know Which Websites to Trust  – shows the rating of the reliability and security of the sites you visit.

10 most popular extensions: Opera

  1. Gismeteo weather forecast in the speed-dial  – integrates the weather on the main page of Opera.
  2. YouTube WebM Plus  – lets you view YouTube videos WebM format (without Flash).
  3. Facebook Preview  – shows notifications from Facebook in a cell of the browser screen.
  4. Gmail on speed dial  – shows notifications of Gmail in a cell of the browser screen.
  5. Photo Tagger  – Tag and save the images on the Net
  6. SaveFrom net Helper  – Quickly download files from Youtube, Rapidshare, Vkontakte and many other sites.
  7. Opera AdBlock  – blocks the ads.
  8. StockTwits  – information on the bag.
  9. Speed Dial on Reddit  – Reddit’s karma shows and notifications of a cell site in the browser home page.
  10. FastestTube – YouTube Video Downloader  – Download videos from YouTube.


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