The 4 most original ways to learn English online efficiently

The 4 most original ways to learn English online efficiently
In our globalised world, knowing how to speak and understand English is essential. Fortunately, the Internet offers us numerous possibilities to learn English without difficulties and in a much more efficient way than in the past. Discover the four ways to learn English online that we have selected for you: watch videos on Youtube, play video games, watch the BBC and do an English course online.

The 4 most original ways to learn English online efficiently

Watch videos on Youtube about the topics that interest you most
YouTube is having an exponential growth every year, and every day more than 300 hours are uploaded to the platform. The contents can be of several types: leisure, video games, tutorials, business, cars and much more. However, the content of videos on Youtube in English is usually much more varied than in other languages. In addition, many videos offer the possibility of having subtitles in Spanish, which will allow you to better understand what is being said in the video so you can practice English and enrich your vocabulary. So if you want to practice English in a fun way, do not hesitate to look for videos about the topics that you like most in English!

Playing online video games

The world of video games is very broad and is having more and more fans. There is an incredible variety of video games, which can be played on a variety of devices: PC, Tablet, Smartphone, video game consoles. Online multiplayer videos are the most successful, as they add the social component to a solitary activity for many years.

Now, how can you learn English online thanks to video games?

Playing sports video games like those proposed in Todo Programas : you can put the comments and voices in English and so, you will always hear English while you are playing
With online multiplayer strategy video games: if you love Age of Empires or League of Legends, do not hesitate to find English-speaking playmates to communicate with them in this language and improve your level of English.

With online role-playing videogames

In role-playing games, you will have a character and to advance in the game, you need to team up with other players. For this, you will need to talk, communicate and discuss ideas to move forward. If you do it in English, it will allow you to improve your English very quickly. We recommend, for example, playing Black Desert, one of the most successful games in recent months, only available in English.

Watching BBC programs

If you want to learn English in order to live in an English-speaking country, we recommend you visit the BBC website ” English We Speak ” You will have access to videos that will explain the most colloquial expressions of English, which you can practice you will be in your host country Best of all, they are very short videos, approximately three minutes long, so you can see and hear them at any time of the day.

Through an online English course

Another way to learn English quickly and efficiently is through English courses online. Forget the boring courses of the academy! Thanks to online English courses like those offered, you can learn English interactively with colleagues located around the world. In the Live online English course, you will have two possibilities to attend classes: with private classes, where the teacher will only attend you and group classes, with four or five students, with whom you can converse and learn English. It will allow you not only to learn English, but also to know their cultures, lives and others.


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