The baby and the games, how to entertain

As the baby grows, their needs and abilities are changing, and is therefore very important active play during the first year, because their brain is developing at a rapid pace.

The baby and the games how to entertain

It is necessary that parents attend to the physical and mental development of your baby playing together and ensuring a healthy diversion.

Encourages the exploration
Do not keep the baby in the playpen for a while, take him there and let him explore the same place. Babies love to crawl over things, you can put some pillows on the floor and let him move at ease around him.

Free your inner child
When your baby is able to crawl around the house, go ahead and do it with him because they love it when parents are at their level.

Train your baby
It is important to “train” your baby so you can develop their muscles. The way to do is to copy your movements he therefore moved the toes, stretch the arms, and shake the rattle to make this copy everything. You can also make your muscles work giving light and small toys to collect or retain.

Encourage your baby
It stimulates the baby’s mind in different ways, do not let them play with toys all the time. You can blow bubbles or blocks can show you how to build different things.

In the first months the baby is not able to play many games, but if you can stimulate reflection, imagination and conscience, just showing a way of playing.

Reading a book
Babies naturally love the sound of Mom’s voice, while having a short attention span, it can stimulate interactive books that allow you to touch and feel the stories, making them more interesting cause.


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