The best devices for home automation compatible with Amazon Echo and Alexa

As time passes and progress advances, our homes are becoming more and more technological. The scenes of the famous films, in which man gives voice orders to his electronic devices, have now become reality thanks to the support of the innovative assistants produced by the most famous companies. In this regard, below you will find the best Alexa compatible devices useful in organizing a particularly efficient home automation at home.

Alexa-compatible devices: Here are a few for satisfying home automation

What is Amazon Alexa

Among the most important assistants currently available on the market is Amazon Alexa. First, let’s look specifically at what it is. Put simply, it consists of a type of technology that uses artificial intelligence based on a desktop speaker called the Amazon Echo . The latter is connected to a series of Smart devices with different utilities. To start taking advantage of this innovative service, three fundamental components are needed:

The Alexa smartphone app , essential for managing configurations.

After having carried out all the preliminary steps, the interactions to activate the services offered by the assistant, from the most basic to the most advanced, will be exclusively vocal.
In order to create a functional, effective and dynamic connection with all Smart accessories, it is necessary to choose these devices in such a way that they are compatible with the technology offered by Amazon Alexa.

To select each of these appliances, it must be taken into account that the aim is to create a smart home, so it is necessary to establish what the fundamental objects should be with the aim of obtaining a similar result. These must also be particularly efficient, so below we will briefly illustrate some of the best that can be associated with the assistant offered by Amazon.

What are the best Alexa compatible light bulbs?

How many times do you happen to settle comfortably in your bed and realize late that you have forgotten to turn off the light ? Rather annoying situation! Especially during the winter months, when stepping out of warm blankets can be a particularly irritating experience.

Among the many utilities that an assistant like Alexa can have, there is the resolution of problems of this kind. The setting can be activated by purchasing bulbs or panels compatible with this system, which will not only be switched off or on , but through a voice command, variations in the light intensity, tone and color emitted by the light can also be ordered . Most of these devices use LED technology, which will ensure considerable energy savings.

Best Amazon Echo home automation devices

Among the best in circulation I have selected the following:

the Philips Hue , equipped with all kinds of features;
the Yeelight Smart , sold together with a practical remote control;
the Accewit Smart , ideal for those who want to set progressive color variations.

What are the best Alexa compatible Smart sockets?

These devices are part of one of the most interesting categories of home automation. Using the innovative Smart sockets it will be possible to manage the activity times for all the appliances in the house. How many times do you risk forgetting electric heaters turned on and then finding unpleasant surprises in your bill? By vocally setting a timer built into the socket, you can avoid such accidents.

The usefulness of these devices is also observed in many other circumstances, but the most relevant aspect is certainly given by greater safety provided by a voice command rather than by direct contact. There are numerous brands that offer this kind of equipment.

Among the best Smart sockets compatible with Alexa we can mention:

TP-Link RE270K which includes in a single block Smart socket and Wi-Fi network amplifier;
D-Link DSP-W115 , practical and compact, which allows the management of lights as well as household appliances;
Leyuee Smart , with which you can turn on or off appliances even when you are away from home using the intuitive smartphone app.

What are the best Alexa compatible thermostats?

Whatever the current season, it is always necessary to know the temperature in the home , first of all to decide the thickness of the clothing to wear and then to regulate air conditioning and heating systems . With Amazon Alexa, our smart home will be able to automatically set the optimal levels in the climate management systems. Furthermore, to know the temperature remotely, just ask the question: a voice will be ready to provide the requested information . Climate control will then be particularly facilitated by taking place completely by using only the voice.

Among the best thermostats compatible with Alexa we can mention:

Nest 3rd generation thermostat in stainless steel, capable of automatically adapting the temperature according to your preferences and equipped with sensors capable of detecting whether there are people in the house or not;

Netatmo thermostat for boiler , particularly functional to guarantee satisfactory energy savings by accurately adapting to daily habits;
BTicino Smarther SX8000 equipped, in addition to the most important and functional possibilities offered by an intelligent thermostat, including remote control via smartphone if you are away from home, with a very particular design with a glass effect, thus embellishing the furnishings of the room.

The categories of devices compatible with Amazon Alexa that I have listed are practically the essential ones to create an efficient home automation , thus obtaining the perfect smart home and in complete agreement with our needs. Continuous progress leads every day to the creation of more and more innovative equipment , so in the future I invite you to regularly consult the new releases, thus keeping your home constantly updated.


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