The best digital marketing strategies to connect with customers: email marketing

Undoubtedly, the introduction of the Internet and new technologies in society as a whole has caused important changes in the field of communication, especially in relation to contact between companies and consumers. Having an online presence is essential, but it is not enough to just open a website, so businesses must develop effective digital marketing strategies.

the world of digital marketing has evolved significantly, something that can be seen in the different tools it provides to the business sector

Despite what some people think, email is still one of the most used digital marketing tools by organizations, since it allows you to contact customers quickly and directly. However, the creation of campaigns has undergone a great transformation in recent times. And is that currently, companies can create free newsletters on the Internet.

Something unimaginable a few years ago, but which today has become a true reality from which more and more businesses benefit. Thanks to email marketing services, companies can manage newsletters and other communications that are made through e-mail. In addition, the efficiency of email marketing campaigns can also be monitored .

Email marketing in business communication

As mentioned above, most companies have a website, however, this action is not enough to reach as many potential customers as possible. Taking care of SEO positioning, spreading messages on social networks or creating paid ad campaigns are other actions to take into account, but none is as effective as email marketing .

This digital marketing strategy is one of the best options to attract the attention of customers, since companies can send specific messages that contain information of interest. Therefore, experts point out that email marketing has endless possibilities, since it establishes a perfect communication channel between businesses and consumers.

It should not be forgotten that email marketing is an evolution of the classic mailing that delivery men did house to house. Obviously, the dimensions of the mail are not the same as in the past, since most companies focus on the elaboration of transactional emails. In other words, businesses not only pursue an increase in sales, but they also want to send content with value.

How to prepare a quality newsletter?

Usually, many companies make the mistake of bombarding customers with many messages email . A rather bad strategy, since users may think that the business is very heavy, so they end up unsubscribing from the newsletter. To avoid these problems, companies must place quality over quantity in email communications.

This means that businesses have to work with experts in the field who know how to adjust e-mail marketing communications , so that in this way, potential customers receive valuable content that generates interest. Therefore, the most important thing is to provide valuable information to subscribers, always leaving aside those messages that can cause negative effects for the company.

One of the keys to take into account when creating a quality newsletter is in the segmentation of the public. For those who do not know it, the segmentation work consists of dividing the clients into small groups, so that not all receive the same information. In this way, the organization can control the destination of the content, so it is only sent to interested users.

E-mail marketing platforms

In recent years, the world of digital marketing has evolved significantly, something that can be seen in the different tools it provides to the business sector. For example, in previous articles, we have already analyzed the possibility of promoting business through Inbound Marketing , however, at this time we are going to focus on another digital marketing tool : email marketing.

And is that thanks to e-mail marketing, organizations can communicate with customers easily, either to share offers, launches or promotions. For this reason, email is still used in all companies, especially in those businesses that want to create a closer bond with customers. But are there specialized email marketing platforms to do this?

The answer to this question is yes, since there are some programs available on the Internet that allow you to manage e-mail marketing campaigns, such as Mailchimp. Probably this is one of the most used e-mail marketing platform till now.


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