The best iPhone and iPad apps of the week

You can find here some best selection of iPhone and iPad apps of this week among those which recently appeared on the App Store portal.

Among the applications selected this week, there is an instant messaging client, a creator of ring tones, voice to text converter, an advanced alarm clock, a kiosk and many virtual games.

infoHeaps Magazine The best iPhone and iPad apps of the week

With that, good Sunday and good downloads.

iPhone applications:

IM + Pro (0.79 euro): an instant messaging client

Ringtone Designer (0.79 euro) a designer of ring tones

iSpeech (0.79 euro): convert voice to text

Super Crate Box (0.79 euro): the arcade game

Chef History (free): a management game

IPad applications:

Intelligent alarm clock for the iPad (0.79 euro): an advanced alarm clock

Relay (free): to find his favorite magazines

Braveheart HD (free): a role-playing and action

Ani’Mots (0.79 euro) a pun arrow

Tristis HD (2.39 euros) a logic game


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