The habit of social smoker

There is a kind of smoker that is growing and almost do not recognize. These are social smokers , you can do with a cigarette in a bar, a party, a barbecue and a special meal. They prefer to carry a few cigarettes, but if you buy a pack, perfectly be used for one or several weeks.

The habit of social smoker

The smoking is usually described as an activity that is done or not done, such as when your doctor asks you can only answer yes or no, but many experts estimate that between one fifth and one third of adult smokers, not do every day. And although they are not recognized by doctors, if we can recognize in the street.

These people smoke occasionally, usually when they are in groups and on most occasions when drinking alcohol. They are not considered addicted to nicotine and many began smoking while in school or in college, but never took it as a daily habit and until they reach adulthood still do occasionally.

Maybe you are, or know, some of those people who smoke only when they go out with friends and with your partner, such as Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and may well spend the rest of the week without smoking without feeling the urge. Many do not even buy cigarettes and that they share with their friends, and if they do may well smoke them all at the weekend and spend several weeks without even one.


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