The importance of the content of the website

All that we have done in previous times on the keywords, the structure of the website, the choice of domain, the directory and everything that relates to techniques for search engine optimization would be meaningless without SEO friendly content of the website. Consider how pivotal each intervention of search engine optimization of the content of each page is indexed. Writing the appropriate unique texts is therefore the most important of all for a good optimization, for at least two reasons:

SEO content of the website

1) The search engines, and in particular Google, are moving increasingly on systems able to recognize sites with quality content. Take, for example, to latent semantic indexing, and to new algorithm launched in February 2011 and the +1 button introduced no more than a month ago. These are all aspects that Google wants to use with the sole and unique purpose to initiate a selection of Internet sites as close as possible the qualitative demands of the users of the search engine.

2) The users of the internet, when they come across sites with quality content, they can put them among their “favorites”, follow the feed, if available, share them with friends, colleagues and family and even report them in blogs, forums and social networks. The world of internet it is full of web pages of low-quality, content with partial and approximate surface. When you can come across a website that meets your needs for a particular topic you tend not to lose more than sight. This user loyalty, if real and lasting, it makes the site more and more popular through word of mouth which is one of the most important channels of communication ever.

But how to create quality content for your web pages to be indexed?

The answer is not simple. If you think that there are people who do the work of “writers of web pages optimized for the search engines” (SEO content writers) understand how important and difficult to write good content for your websites. Try anyhow to give indications to take into account what is surely fill the content of your web pages:

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1) Write longer texts, original and not copied from other pages and websites (even in other languages);
2) Focus on a specific theme for each page and treat it in depth;
3) Use appropriate terms, specific, and certain knowledge for the target to which you want to address (some of these will also be used ACOME keyword).
4) continuously update the content (or reload pages with the same content periodically);
5) Write in empathy, simple and attractive (always wonder: What would like to know the users of our website? They can easily understand what is written? The lyrics are catchy and boring?)
6) Pay attention to grammatical errors and form.
7) Divide the text into paragraphs of each page with their titles in order to make it “lean” the text.

Following these 7 tips will certainly be able to obtain satisfactory results. You must always keep in mind one thing: please write the contents for the site’s users, not for search engines.


Professional writer with more than 7 years of experience. Joseph has worked as a content creator and editor on different web pages. He has been coordinator and content manager in various editorial teams. He also has extensive experience in SEO and digital marketing.