The importance of water in diet

Water is a crucial element in the life of a man and its use is recommended by all nutritionists. If you have a completely normal physical or if you are suffering from excess weight, water consumption is absolutely imperative.

In special dietary water becomes more important to fill the gaps without being subject to fatten. But how much is the amount of water to drink during the day? And most importantly, when to drink it? Because everyone knows that there is no more appropriate time than others to consume water.
The importance of water in diet
Let’s start by saying that everyone should have at least two liters of water a day. Our body consists mainly of water and that is why it is necessary to continuously replace fluids lost through daily physical movement. As mentioned, however, it can not be taken at any time of the day, especially if you want the water to become your ally in the weight loss diet.

So water taken in the morning when you wake up, because this way our stomach feel full and loosen in hunger. A couple of glasses of water consumed in the morning helps to start with the right foot to better face the day.

Another ideal time to drink water is after meals. The reason is always the same: to give a feeling of fullness in the stomach and you tend to eat fewer calories during the meal. It’s best to avoid drinking, however, during the meal, because in this case you avoid water causes you to eat more, with counterproductive results for your diet.

Obviously, it is also advisable to drink before, during and after exercise, but in this case the reason is to get the sweat and the need to replace lost fluids immediately.


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