The new Windows Phone devices would be “coming this Christmas”

The new devices running under Windows phone, the operating system from Microsoft that must “push the limits of the Smartphone experience around communications, applications and the internet”, might not debut as soon as it was to be expected.

The new Windows Phone devices would be coming this Christmas

In May, when the new platform was announced, Microsoft said that “this fall” would be available. However, to speak at a recent event (Imagine Cup 2011) Microsoft, Steve Ballmer not spoke of arrival of the second generation Windows Phone. Just simply said that they are “coming this Christmas”.

Of course, the first Windows phone devices Mango could actually be released in October or November, but it seems that Steve Ballmer is not sure of this happening yet.

Apart from Nokia, other major smartphone makers who will implement Windows Phone Mango devices are: HTC, Samsung, LG and Dell.


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