The nine basic tools of professional manicure

After a brief stint in the perfumery, we took the nine basic tools that every manicure. As you know, look clean hands is essential for life critical situations like a job interview, an elegant party, or simply when you hit without neglecting any detail.

So give yourselves professionally to one of the simplest pleasures and fun of life: the manicure.

The nine basic tools of professional manicure


Always set that is not made based on acetone. Some brands of nail polish remover come with vitamins and aloe vera to moisturize and strengthen nails.

The nailcutter

The nailcutter use it after sanitization of the area. You can apply alcohol gel, or some similar antiseptic, to rest assured that you will be free of bacteria.

If your nails are too hard, you can soak in a bowl with warm water and a few drops of essential oil or lavender coconut before the whole process.


Cuticle remover

In general, this instrument has a tool at each end. The party is like a spatula is used to push back the cuticle, giving a neater appearance to the nail.

The other end aims to remove any dirt that has been trapped under the nail.

To make the task easier, it is good to put some cream to lighten the area.

The clip cuticles

This clip is for situations where the cuticle is too wide, or the skin raised around the nail.

Always used with great care and never delves into the cut, but we only get what is outstanding.


The nail

A good manicure knows the address of the file is essential for a neat finish.

It’s good to have various thicknesses of lime. The thickest to shape the nail-oval, square, almond-for the finest finishing touches.


The buffer

They come in a rectangle with a thickness on each side.

This tool removes the potential remaining after the nail file.


The polisher

It is more subtle than the buffer and nail file, and it is used to match the nail cover it if this unevenness.


The polish

Also known as lime glow. Its function is when you do not get enamel.

Before the glaze you must place a cream moisturizer on the hands, some also recommend exfoliating, and essential oil on each nail to return the pitch after the previous process. Rinsing again so that the nail is clean.


Nail strengthener, color and brightness

The strengthening enamel, calcium generally is applied to one or two hands, depending on the state of the nails. Apply and let dry.

The color needs two applications, starting in the middle and going to the sides of the nail. Between past and you expect the last paint dry.

The brightness is applied only once, when the glaze has dried properly.

Drying accelerators

They are important because they ensure the brightness to allow the polish to dry immediately, stipulating about two or three minutes.

Accelerators can be achieved in drops, spray fixative or enamel.

Because of its oil content not to panic if they are a bit oily hands.


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