The swing, romantic garden furniture

Economic crisis forced many people to reduce their holiday budget. Why not take the opportunity to furnish the home garden? Here are some ideas for a small green space and well equipped swing to feel vacation taste at home.

The swing, romantic garden furniture

Have a swing in home garden suggests long afternoons relaxing in the sun. To play back the card romance and retro, better opt for a wooden version of this garden furniture. Here are some wooden swing made from Eucalyptus wood, that in addition to displaying a decidedly vintage look, is also economic. Ecological and economical, this swing can accommodate three people. It is ideal for reading, napping or simply daydreaming.

To dress up a garden furniture, think about accessories. With regard to the swing, you will feel truly on holiday after buying a cushion adapted. If your swing is back, choose a cushion in warm tones such as brown or tan. Wicker offers a range of cushions for swing. These removable cushions are composed of foam and cotton wool and protected by a polyester fabric, materials synonymous with comfort.

The swing, a garden furniture designer

Even if the swing comes from very far in the past, designers revisit the modern to give it a look avant-garde. Like something out of a sci-fi, the VIP Kettler swing displays insolently silver lines both geometrical and harmonious. This version of a centennial garden furniture will blend perfectly with the most modern decor. If you thought that swing and modernity were not together, you were wrong!

The VIP Kettler swing is a garden furniture made from an alloy of aluminum and learned Textilene. The aluminum gives the lounger a glossy and shiny. The Textilene meanwhile offers great resistance to oils and UV tanning. Admittedly, this garden swing is a bit expensive, but it provides you with premium comfort. To complete your holiday decor in your garden, choose black or white cushions.


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