The Toxic Shock Syndrome

The Toxic Shock Syndrome is a disease that is rare, but when it occurs can be life-threatening as it develops rapidly after infection and can very quickly affect different organ systems, such as kidneys, lungs and liver. Because this disease develops so quickly, it is best to consult a doctor immediately.

Toxic Shock

This syndrome occurs as a result of infection by bacteria Straphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes , which produce toxins that cause disease. These bacteria can find them often, but not usually cause any problems, they cause skin infections and throat, such as impetigo and streptococcus.

In rare cases, the toxins produced by these bacteria can enter the bloodstream causing severe reactions in the immune system in people who have bodies that can not fight the toxins. The body usually produces different reactions to the two bacteria that can cause disease.

The syndrome of streptococcal toxic shock usually occurs after procedures and diseases such as flu , surgery, childbirth, chicken pox or small cuts or wounds. This disease caused by staph usually occurs after a surgical procedure such as nose surgery by the use of bands to stop bleeding or to use a tampon for a long time.


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