There are already 500 million Android devices in the market

Shortly before Apple will present its new iPhone 5 (a device that has generated some disappointment among many analysts, despite assume a clear improvement over the iPhone 4) Google wanted to spoil the party rival presenting new data on the success of the terminals Android. And it enabled devices with Android operating system have already reached a staggering 500 million. Experts have already predicted that the number of handsets with Android could eventually exceed 1,000 million during the year.

There are already 500 million Android devices in the market

This figure would be overcome if the Google system continues the current trend, although it should be noted that the estimates in a changing market as technology regularly face high error rates. This milestone mobile operating system comes after almost four years of market presence, although the success of Android began to crystallize two years ago. The system has quickly become the most widely used in smart phones, to the point that almost seven out of ten Android smartphones already.

An important part of the success of the Google system has been forged thanks to the good work of Samsung, which has been the best manufacturer that has taken advantage of the capabilities of this platform (in fact, has become the largest producer of smartphones in the market). In addition, the South Korean company has managed to launch a model to become a serious alternative to Apple’s iPhone. The newest Samsung Galaxy S3 has sold 20 million mobile phones in just 100 days, and has become the fastest selling terminal in the history of the company.

Google also unveiled in recent days another figure that shows the growth of Android, to get an average of 1.3 million activations a day. This rate represents a significant increase from the average of 900,000 activations that were announced during the month of June. Android’s dominance seems assured market for many months. Although Microsoft is about to announce the release of the next operating system Windows Phone 8, it seems that its importance in the market will be very noticeable (although analysts predict growth have stepped up nearly 15% share of market). Furthermore, the ability of the iPhone is limited given the large number of Android models from different manufacturers coming to market.

Yet another issue is the field of tablets. Only 70,000 of the 1.3 million activations of Android devices that are produced each day are tablets. The dominance of iPad in this field is remarkable, with about two thirds of the market. The main bets with Android to end this domain can be Samsung launches (like the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1), but above all the success you can have the new Kindle Fire HD or Google Nexus 7 thanks to their competitive prices.


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