Thermotherapy for weight loss

The thermotherapy is an effective alternative for reducing body weight, which obviously has to be combined with diet and exercise. The temperature rise increases the power of the metabolism at baseline and following leads to greater energy expenditure.

During the sessions of thermotherapy devices are used mostly active gels based on liposomes. The treatment takes about 50 minutes; depending on the case the results are visible in a short time.

Thermotherapy for weight loss

Beginning the thermotherapy a significant weight reduction is noticed after 20 days and if the person makes a low calorie diet with moderate exercise, you get a better result.

Women tend to reduce the region of the thighs, while the men thermotherapy treatment helps reduce proportionally all treated areas.

The thermal energy applied is raised to the point of getting the desired effect without causing damage to internal organs, metabolic or circulatory decompensation. Checkups is equally important for patients before undergoing Thermotherapy treatment to ensure the absence of cardiovascular disorders and are able to withstand an increase in heart rate.

Thermotherapy benefits beyond significant loss of weight and volume, it also helps reduce cholesterol and fat levels. Treatment must be carried out with 1 session every 2 or 3 days up to a maximum of 10 sessions.


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