Things you must know before arranging Baby Shower

The baby shower is a celebration that takes place with the intention of entertaining the pregnant mom, share experiences and give gifts that will be useful when the child is born. The party can be arranged at the partner or any relative or close friend who wants to.
Most of the time the baby shower is done before the baby is born, but it can be done some time after conception in welcome, everything depends on the timing and availability of parents.

Baby Shower all you need to know

Before organizing the baby shower you should consult with parents first, because you may have to accommodate the schedules for grandparents and other important guests. If the celebration takes place after birth, attendees can bring specific gifts to the baby’s sex.

The ideal is to consult with the mother before finalizing the guest list to avoid neglecting important people that the couple wants to attend.
This also depends on whether the baby shower is for a second or subsequent baby, in these cases often invite close friends and family and anyone else in the circle of friends, also noteworthy that need not be a celebration unique to women many men also attend these celebrations warmly.

The surprise:
If the surprise baby shower before you might think again because the mother does not fancy this kind of celebration and feel uncomfortable fashion. In contrast, if prospective parents are aware of and contribute their part to arrange the event, the result of insurance will be more satisfactory.

The invitations:
For the baby shower invitations can be traditional or via e-mail, these have to say who, what, where and when. If you have a gift list, you must also include this information on the cards as well as a confirmation of attendance.
The invitations must be sent in sufficient time so that guests can compare gifts and organize. With a few weeks in advance is more than good.


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