10 things you must know before buying a home for the first time

Before making final your decision for buying a home, you should have thought about how they like it, but always considering that meets your needs and that best suits your financial availability, for that you must take into account the following points before buying:

things you must know before buying a home

1) The first and most important aspect is to know what capital you have, if you are selling your old home or if you are borrowing money from the bank or what you own borrowing capacity.

2) The exact style you want, if you want to be a flat, apartment or single family home, if you want to be in a town or city, if you want to have a garden, you must also take into account the size and qualities.

3) The type of home, whether you want it or not the property is protected or belonging to a cooperative, which is one of the least expensive ways, where the figure of the promoter disappears and the buyer becomes a collaborator, or whether otherwise want to purchase through an agency.

4) If you buy a resale home, you should check the Land Registry that the specifications match the reality, which is the name of who you sell it, and that no charges or rented.

5) At the Community Manager checks that is current on payments and if the facilities are in good condition.

6) In the Hall you to check if you have paid the tax.

7) At the Bank, you must confirm that the property has mortgage, so you can take care of it, minus the proportional or the owner clear the debt.

8) You can not notarize or housing, but if you do, you have the certainty that the contract is legal, you are certain that the house is yours and you need the scriptures to present to the bank, if you want to borrow money and put your home as collateral.

9) You have to take into account the cost of mandatory spending, such as transfer tax, the stamp tax, basic supplies of water, electricity, gas and Charges.

10) You have to take into account the cost of optional spending, as the Scriptures, the Land Registry, the Commission Opening of mortgage costs, pricing, the stamp tax, insurance, Municipal Manager and Goodwill.


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