Thyme: the best ally for the winter

The thyme is an herb that is present in many foods but is also part of those plants that have high curative powers.
Its great power as a supplement to prepare for the arrival of winter data since first used in Germany in the early eighteenth century, where it was considered very useful because of its antiseptic properties.

Cosmetics Recipes and Natural Products

Runny nose, sore throat, cough and fever are some of the symptoms of colds and flus that come with the coldest time of the year. To be ready before the abrupt changes in temperature, nothing better than having a great ally thyme as effectively releasing the airways and helps bring better to the typical discomforts.

Benefits of Thyme
This herb, used either in ointments, creams, oil or other presentations provides multiple health benefits.

  • It is expectorant: dissolve excess mucus and facilitates its removal, relieving congestion.
  • It is antiseptic: prevents the occurrence of infections can cause colds, coughs, flu, sinusitis and sore throat, preventing infections and relapses.
  • It is analgesic: relieves sore throats, laryngitis and head.
  • Acts on body temperature, relieving discomfort and cold sensation caused by flu.
  • It helps reduce fevers due to its cooling effect. Stimulates perspiration.
  • It is especially recommended for smokers or spasmodic cough.
  • It has important detoxifying, promoting drainage of toxin from the skin.

With its multiple presentations, thyme also works on the respiratory system, immune system, circulatory system and even in the nervous system facilitating good night’s rest and relaxation.
Its benefits are also known as reliever problems such as cystitis, urethritis, and hemorrhoids.

There are several natural cosmetics based on thyme such as Deva´s thyme and eucalyptus ointment, Just essence bath thyme, Just thyme cream, Deva´s essential Thyme oil etc.

This herb also is known for its stimulating effect, and therefore in the form of pure essence is contraindicated for pregnant people, hypothyroidism, epilepsy or high pressure.


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