Tinted shampoo to remove the yellow hue of the blond

The matting and toners are useful to give the hair the desired color, and in the case of the blond remove the yellow hue that is often left in the wicks after completion of the discoloration.

Tinted shampoo does not serve to change the color of hair or dye it, but concealing and improves hair tone and is also used for toning the hair gray or hide the first gray hairs.

Tinted shampoo to remove the yellow hue of the blond

In most cases to take the blond hair is needed before a discoloration which is carried out with bleach and hydrogen peroxide, this process removes the hair color and then it is necessary to apply the dye, but do not always give the desired tone.

When the result is not expected color these shampoos can be applied toners which are left in place for a few minutes and then rinse with water. Such products are very effective in solving common problems in the fading, especially when the matches are very white or yellow.

Tinted shampoo to correct fuses or reflection is produced very yellow and violet-tinged tone that neutralizes the unwanted color.

Loreal, the world’s largest cosmetics and beauty company based in France has a very good line of shampoos matting, their product is effective to qualify Silver gray hair or white as well as the yellow hue of light blonde also revives the brightness at the same time gives softness to the hair. Plasma also offers matting products, the Platynum is ideal for improving the color of gray hair, or bleached white.


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