Tips about c section or cesarean section scar

Caesareans operations are carried out as an alternative to vaginal birth, and current techniques allow doctors to remove the baby by cutting a few inches in the pelvic area, and placing the incision in the right place.

However, the current fashions of pubic area shaving or hair removal make the brand more visible, it is not as simple camouflage. After a cesarean section it needs some tips to think that the scar of caesarean section is secure.

Tips about c section and cesarean section scar

Many women may feel unsure of the suture, as it is an erogenous zone, where it can be observed and has a mark that cannot be hidden.

Likewise, some genetic factors and the condition of the skin, can cause a bad outcome in the scar, or keloid scarring – an overgrowth of scar tissue at the site of a skin lesion.

Other women may experience a depression in the area of the incision, especially if they have to build up localized fat in the abdominal area, and fat that accumulates on both sides of the cut. In some cases, the problem is the pigmentation, as the wound is dark or wider.

So the tips for cesarean section scar look good include conducting a massage every day, once removed the stitches or staples and as soon as pain allows, without forcing the skin. These massages are performed as if small tweaks, as if it were a sticky paper stuck to the skin, as if to take off the scar tissue underneath. The extent to which pain limits, these gentle movements to be practiced daily, will help the scar to become thinner and flexible, thinner and better color.

Another important step is to nurture a few times a day the skin of the wound with a cream that provides many nutrients, so as to contribute to a healthy, normal process of healing and re-epithelialization. You can ask your doctor, but the best formulas are those that contain silver sulfadiazine, vitamin A in large quantities, vitamin D and sometimes a topical anesthetic that will help you with massage. You should apply the cream and make the massage at the same time as the active ingredients penetrate the skin better, and massage bother less.

You can check for a silicone patches that are placed from the start, and prevent keloids, improving the outcome of the healing process.

In some cases where a brand scarring looks unsightly, or because they cause insecurity for women, you can perform a plastic surgery to help improve the look of that brand, but it is clear that there is no way to erase it completely. There are now laser or surgical treatments, but you must wait at least four months after birth to perform such operation. A plastic surgeon will evaluate which method is best for your scar.

If you eventually have another baby in the same way, you can also repeat the procedure with the time the plastic surgeon to remove the suture.


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