Tips and tricks for the prevention of eczema in the baby

The skin problems affect both adults and children, but in their case, prevention is crucial because the symptoms are much more intense and unpleasant. Itching, swelling and redness are some key warning signs that lead to eczema. This is one of the problems of skin that affects the world while the causes are varied and depend on each particular case.

In infants eczema is a recurring and warning signs include:
Dry scaly skin in the affected area but also usually appears on the face and neck
Swelling of the cheeks or in the affected area
Rash anywhere on the body, especially in the ankles, neck, arms, face and wrists.

All these symptoms are launching a series of reactions that can occur either through skin contact with a harmful chemical materials or allergens. It should be noted that several studies found that eczema can have a hereditary origin, children of parents with this problem are more likely to suffer.

Tips and tricks for the prevention of eczema in the baby
Moisturizing baby’s skin regularly can prevent the onset of eczema. One of the main causes of this disease is the inability of the skin to retain moisture naturally.
There are key areas to moisturize with a free baby lotion fragrance and skin-friendly, if possible choose organic formula to avoid the effect of chemicals and apply it at least twice a day for proper hydration.

Trim baby’s nails is also necessary, since this helps to avoid damage to the skin causes it to scratch, and is the only way to prevent penetrating chemicals and other harmful agents on your skin.

Always bathe with chemical free soap, hypoallergenic. His skin is very sensitive to the effects of fragrances and dyes that may have these cleaning products so you only have to use specially formulated for young skin.

The poor diet can also cause complications and trigger eczema, so the mother eating is passed to the milk and therefore generate effects on the baby. Citrus foods, wheat, peanuts and soy must be consumed with caution because of possible effects.

The clothing is another point to consider, cotton is the ideal fabric to remove the main triggers of eczema because not only natural but also it absorbs perspiration better. It is essential to remove all clothing with synthetic material which is directly in contact with the baby’s skin to reduce the chance of skin rash and inflammation.

The humidifiers are also one of the best remedies for eczema. The temperature in the baby’s room could also play a role in the emergence of the problem.

The humidifiers ensure fresh air, proper temperature. Very hot spaces make the child sweat and would be more likelihood of respiratory problems, thus maintaining a good temperature air free of dust and other elements that threaten their state of health is essential.


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