10 Tips to Avoid Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems, along with depression. Learn to control your life!
The fear generated by a situation that we can not control or which terrifies us is the main reason why there are thousands of people who have anxiety in their day to day. But what is anxiety really? It is a state of mind that affects our emotions in which the people who suffer it feel desperation and in an uncontrolled way that can lead to a psychological disorder.

Basically there are two types of anxiety, the anxiety that is only suffered by a particular situation or one that has accompanied the person throughout life. The latter is known as “trait anxiety.” Although each person causes their body to assume anxiety differently, the most common symptoms are dizziness.

Here are some tips to avoid anxiety or learn to control it. Take note and put them into practice!

Being able to evade your mind through physical exercise will help you fight anxiety

Eating habits

The pace of life you have today or the lack of time to devote to cooking, make your eating habits are not always the most appropriate for your health. Carrying a varied nutrition and eating few amounts but spread over 5 meals a day will prevent you from having stomach problems that often directly affect your anxiety state.

Practicing sport

Being able to evade your mind through physical exercise will help you fight anxiety. Why? Your muscles will make them not rigid and your nervous system is not so altered; Feeling slightly tired after a sporting activity will help you to make your sleep easier.

Dedicate time to tasks

Time does not run against you to perform certain tasks, so give them time. Eating always sitting or leaving home well in advance to reach the sites are some of the daily habits that we must do not to increase our anxiety levels.

It begins and ends

“Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today”, this sentence is not just a saying but one of the main tips to avoid anxiety. If you have the time and resources to finish a certain activity it is necessary that you end it because if in your brain will generate that feeling of anxiety to still have a ‘task pending’.


It is also very important that you internally assimilate those situations that have not yet happened but you know that you will have to solve. In this way, you will have planned in advance how to tackle a task and you can finish it as soon as possible.

Controlling ‘tics’

An anxious person usually ‘channels’ him through his body with repetitive movements; Move your foot, walk around the house or ‘play around’ with any object you have on hand are some of the most common ‘tics’. But can you control it? Although you do it unconsciously, if you know that by doing this habit you are even more nervous, you must stop at that moment, breathe deeply and self-control doing another task.

Delegation and denial

You must be aware that all people have a physical and mental limit and that if you are not able to perform certain tasks due to lack of resources or time you must learn to delegate to other people or to deny ourselves. Is doing this activity, doing a favor to another person or carrying you more work than you can bear will compensate you? Although it seems like an absurd question, before accepting something you must do a small internal analysis of the benefit that this brings you, because if you do it by commitment or without motivation will end up generating anxiety.

Time for you

Having a hobby, enjoying an active social life, having time to stroll or just avoiding routine activities are the keys to reduce your anxiety. Planning your daily activities will help your brain know in advance the ‘calendar’ you have prepared for yourself; But this must be directly related to persistence and willpower to do all that we have set ourselves. In this way, you will organize the time and enjoy leisure as a reward for the work done.


Learning to control your breathing, performing ‘tai chi’ or yoga or relaxing your muscles will help you control your anxiety and handle situations that create stress. When a person has many years living with very high levels of anxiety, it is very difficult to avoid it completely despite these types of exercises but it will help you not to ‘get’ your nervous system.

Sleep well

Worries or a stressed-out life-rhythm are the worst allies for not falling asleep, and in addition, they both generate more anxiety still. That is why you have to sleep long enough and not have thoughts that overwhelm you before bed. If you have carried out the above tips, namely a healthy diet and a minimum of physical exertion through exercise, we will reconcile the dream without the latter generating more anxiety.


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