Tips for applying corrective concealer for perfect makeup

The dark circles often make your face look tired, haggard, and usually occur by several factors. In these cases it is a great partner that can help to correct just this difference in skin tones to keep a bright face and your eyes look spectacular. Cosmetics anti dark circles or correction, just have the function to delete or reduce the darker areas for them to not be noticed and makeup look even.

Tips for applying corrective concealer for perfect makeup

Corrective makeup and concealer

Such products, which are readily available in the market and there is great variety, have different styles so you can take that best can handle and so great results in the finish of your makeup.

  • Concealer stick is one of the most widely used because it has a shape similar to a lipstick, easy and perfectly covers dark circles.
  • Correction with a sponge applicator or brush, used with some care, because you have to apply them in subtle and are usually quite liquid, or come as creams and moisturizers that promote circulation where the circles are.
  • Concealer in pencil, like eyeliner in shades of clear and thick with mines should be applied where it begins the eyecup and blend into the center of it to coat completely.


Using braces and concealer

These cosmetic products are used not only to improve and meet the color difference that is generated under the eyes, but at the same time they can be used to cover stains, granite, and match the surface before placing the rest of the stains. With them you can also correct:

  • Applying under the eyebrows, to harmonize the look and give light.
  • Conceal wrinkles.
  • Cover the redness on the sides of the nose.
  • Hide veins, spots, granite s match facial skin.
  • Lighten the look on the inside of the eye.
  • Hide the bags using a lighter shade on them and fading to a darker shade in the rest of the face.

The corrector or concealer products, cannot miss on any vanity if you want skin to look flawless, it is easier to buy the one that best suit your needs.


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