Tips for best relationship in the couple

The men and women have different ways of communicating and that is why sometimes becomes complicated communication between partners. But it is important to make the effort to communicate and understand each other better because good communication is the key for being happy.

To begin you must better understand men and how they express themselves. What advice can be useful to better understand the couple?

To this you must analyze the way in which men have grown. When they are small, they do not talk. All activities are performed without the need to speak or express feelings. Activities such as playing soccer or another sport you enjoy and do not imply any conversation. Moreover, if one of them beaten, left to one side while the others keep playing.

Tips for best relationship in the couple

Women are also different. All games and activities are centered speech, conversation. Play house, play tea or wrists are activities that require deep communication. And if one thing happens, all come to comfort and show your support.

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The first step to understand better is to recognize the differences. When you want to talk to your partner about something that hurts, or restlessly you must do it in a concise and clear. That’s the kind of messages that men understand. It is generally true that women tend to leave the bush and try to bring up past situations to better understand your argument, but that does not work with men. A message concise and clear as possible and without turn will make them understand the situation better.

Another mistake people often make is silent about what women bother, endure and suffer in silence. It is true that women cannot say absolutely everything that bothers them but if you choose to remain silent not bring up later. And if something really overwhelms you and you believe that you can not let go, hablémoslo in a clear and timely. What would not be wise is to guard what you feel and be quiet for one day explode and say all the screams and cries.

Try not to talk when you are angry or overwhelmed. When speaking, try not to blame even if you are convinced that the other does. Instead of saying “You did” or “you never listen to me” or “I do not take into account” in the first person “I do not feel taken into account”, “Sometimes I feel that I am not heard.” You are saying the same thing but differently.

Talk with your partner and talk about other things: what he did in the day, what he liked, he spoke of what they read in the newspaper or anything that comes to mind. When the couple is accustomed to speak, to run things and laugh at the little things is easier to communicate when problems arise.


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