Tips for combating cellulite with food

One factor that influences, among others, the appearance of cellulite is poor nutrition. What is not always correct is to identify the foods that cause the skin orange. Therefore, know some foods to avoid according to type of cellulite suffering, to prevent its occurrence and wear a body contour more smooth and unpleasant Resume.

Tips for combating the cellulite from food

On the premise of the type of cellulite, there are three grades: excess fluid cellulite, excess fat and excess sugars.

Excess liquid Cellulite

The excess liquid cellulite is identified by localized in the hips and buttocks, is given in conjunction with varicose and spider, and as the first type of cellulite that appears – typically, is what you have in the first year that the problem visible – also comes with stretch marks on hips and legs. Salt, soda, milk casein, and any food to which you are allergic, will cause, and also to avoid them, eat good amounts of vitamins E, C, K and P.

Also, it is good to have flavonoids in the diet to help strengthen the vessels and their ability to drain fluids. It includes plenty of fruits and vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, cabbage and sprouts, whole grains, legumes. Among the healthy proteins are fish, seafood and eggs. Limit milk and avoid starches. Of course, unhealthy foods such as fried sausages and fast foods are discouraged.

Excess fat Cellulite

The excess fat cellulite occurs mostly in the buttocks, in people who were never athletic or thin but quite the contrary, has more than five years of onset, is aggravated by the ups and downs of weight, combined with cartridge of fat in the hips, and people who like to eat salty and have more appetite especially at night.

In this case, the answer is simple: reducing caloric intake, which accumulates in the body as fat, eating healthy, exercising, and avoiding foods high in fat as butter. Incorporate more fruits and raw vegetables, diets high protein favor this type of cellulite but should not be kept more than brief periods. Your basic foods should be fish, chicken breast, lean red meat (occasionally), eggs, some low-fat dairy and legumes. Limit refined flour, sweets, and all that is high in fat.

Excess sugar Cellulite

The excess sugar cellulite appears on hips, buttocks and abdomen. Usually you have a family heirloom: other female family members have it. Not gain weight so fast, but the cellulite appeared a three to five years. Do you like salty foods, fatty or sweet. Occasionally feel hungry at dawn, and when you are tired you are very hungry. You do not do much exercise.

The orange peel, is often a narrowing of the collagen fibers, which is produced by an excess of carbohydrate in the body: sugars and refined flours. But also some healthy foods contain high amounts of carbohydrates such as yogurt and fruit should be avoided after 6 pm.

If this is your case, avoid eating potatoes, corn, ice cream, vegetable oil and fruit juices that are more natural. Increase your levels of vitamin E and C, also of carotene, selenium and zinc.

In general, a healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables, lean protein and moderate amounts of healthy carbohydrates, helps all women with cellulite, add specific advice for your type of cellulite, and success is assured.


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