Tips for maintaining the life of cosmetics products

All makeup products offered by big brands are known for their strength, durability and fastness over a long period of time. However, there are eternal, all expire at some time or lose its original properties when exposed to extreme conditions.

Tips for maintaining the life of cosmetics products

To keep the makeup always in good condition, there are a number of precautions to be carried out.

Most women tend to use the products until the end, not knowing that it can affect her health, starting to allergic reactions and even deteriorate their properties, colors and textures change harden giving very poor coverage.

Keep in mind about Expiration date

Not all cosmetics have this information and only some have a small drawing which advises the maximum time that can be in use once opened. So sometimes you get good marks settlement when they have been long in stock (in the best case if settlement season) and therefore it is always best to look at this date.

The powder or liquid: they last six months to a year, when they stop to look good, and to begin to break. Blush and loose powder: last for a few months until they start to smell different or texture is no longer what it was.

Gloss: keeps fit by one or two years maximum, but when you see that it gets a little stickier or a different color, it’s time to buy a new one.

The eye shadow powder last about two years, while those in cream should not be used for more than a year.

The quality nail polishes are good for about two years and the lowest price around for a year.
Lipsticks last two years after his first application.

The brushes used to apply makeup also have their life and when the bristles are beginning to fall, is a good sign for throwing them away.

Mascara lasts about six months, you may recognize that it is overcome by a deterioration of the consistency and color.


Makeup tips for optimizing the products

  • The makeup brushes are exposed to bacteria and dirt, it is important to keep them clean by washing as often as possible, preferably every week. If you can, then each month with shampoo the artificial sow and the particular product of natural hair.
  • Do not keep the makeup in the bathroom, as moisture and temperature changes accelerate spoilage. The same applies if you keep in your purse or bag. It is good to consider this detail to avoid irritation and other skin reactions.
  • The due date is a fact that must appear on the label, and the role of the product and manufacturer information. It is very important to check the quality of the makeup and cosmetics that are used, the cheaper products are made of fats, dyes and other low quality that can cause skin damage such as redness, itching, dryness and even spotting when combined with sun exposure.
  • Makeup, takes on the package what is called open period, which indicates the shelf life once opened. This date is printed on the package with a letter followed by a number M6 (6 months). It is important to know that the cosmetic companies are obliged to inform the open period or expiration date of the product.
  • Check the status of your makeup twice a year and if you find any changes in texture, color or fragrance disposal.
  • A good tip to keep the mask is not pump the applicator into the container because air enters and this makes the content of the product to dry quickly. All products must be kept tightly covered.
  • If you are not of that much makeup, it is best to choose products that provide multiple uses, such as flushes are also labial and shade, all in one.
  • Keep all cosmetics in a sturdy box so it will not produce tears. While some can be repaired then never again be the same as before.


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