Tips for planning your wedding

That special day comes that you’ve always dreamed of and certainly want everything to be perfect. Getting married is one of those things that people do once in life and it is reasonable to want the wedding to be a success.


Some women hire “wedding planners”, but if you want your wedding to have your label, we show how to organize a successful wedding.


Tips for planning your wedding


Much depends on the budget you tell how big and want to make your party. It also depends on what the groom wants to party, so the first step is to talk in detail what kind of party they want. It can be a big party with many guests or something more familiar, there may be several dishes or maybe a single dish. It may be outdoors or indoors. As you see there is much to discuss.


Before you plan the party, it is essential to remove the wedding date and shift to a place you want to do the civil ceremony.


Once you have your wedding date and the budget it is essential to put hands to work. Do not leave everything to the last minute because then they came to what is supposed to be the happiest day of your life a bundle of nerves.


Begin by booking in advance instead of the party. Sometimes these places also offer the service of food, drink and waiters. Checks if your budget allows. If your family is great and helpful, maybe you can bring down costs by having them prepare dinner. Some of the menus that you can consider are: seafood, fish such as salmon, salads. But believe it or not, most important a wedding is not the food but the drink. It offers variety, not only champagne but also different possibilities such as soft drinks and juices.


Once organized this, the next step is to make the guest list and invitations. Although the invitations may be ordered, also you can do. If you have a good computer, you can get ideas from the Internet, design your own invitation and print it. The foils are excellent choices, but if you go to a paper you will see many more ideas.


About six months before the wedding you must begin to see the dress. You can buy the fabric and do a fashion designer, you can buy the readymade dress or can borrow a wedding dress. It all depends on your budget and your ideas. Some women find that they did not want to spend money on a dress that will be used only once, but it depends on your criteria.


Other things to keep in mind are the souvenirs, wedding rings and of course the wedding cake. This should begin planning 3 months in advance.


An important tip is to learn to delegate. If you handle everything yourself, you’ll see that soon you’ll be very nervous. Delegate to your mom, your sisters, your friends and among all you organize a wedding truly memorable.


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