10 Tips to Quit Smoking: Save yourself from Chronic diseases

Quitting smoking is the pending subject of many people, an unhealthy habit that everyone wants to abandon. However, it is not an easy task and not a few have tried without success.

Fortunately, nowadays it is easier to emerge victorious. There is a lot of information that helps you stop smoking and that is just what you will find in this article. In total we share 10 tips of all kinds that will help you take the final step, the one you and your family are waiting to give to leave aside something as negative as smoking.

As far as passive smokers, that is, those who are exposed to the smoke of the active smokers, it is estimated that 35 million Mexicans smoke without wanting it.

1- Be optimistic and have willpower

When you propose to quit smoking, you should do it with a positive attitude, thinking that you will achieve it. The one who starts believing that he can not overcome his dependence on tobacco is the one who never gets rid of him. That’s why we recommend you to be optimistic and constant in order to overcome in the best possible way the most difficult moments.

2- Write a diary with your plan to quit smoking

It may seem silly, but many people are helped by pointing things in a notebook. It serves other purposes such as having things clear at work, so it can also be effective for something as important as quitting smoking. Of course, you have to draw a realistic plan and check it every day to see if you are going the right way. If so, reward yourself for it.

3- Test with mouth spray, chewing gum and other nicotine products

There are currently multiple products on the market to help you quit smoking in the way that best fits your lifestyle. You can take chewing gum, transdermal patches, sucking tablets or even oral sprays that allow a spray of nicotine directly into the mouth easily and comfortably. Using one of these products along with these and other smoking cessation tips will increase your chances of success.

4- Join the gym

It is a good purpose that is still more so when it comes to quitting smoking. Why? Because when you do sports you produce endorphins , substances that make you feel good and that stimulate you in a very similar way to how nicotine does. Plus, by the way, you’ll reduce your anxiety levels and lose pounds, so that’s all good news.

5- Communicate with other people who want to quit smoking

It can be helpful to talk to other people who are in the same position. Sharing experiences can reinforce you, especially if it is a positive and optimistic environment. In the same way, try not to listen to the stories of those who tell you that they have tried to quit smoking and have found it impossible.

6- You go to yoga classes

Yoga will help you stop smoking because it will be your great ally when it comes to boosting your willpower . In addition, it will largely solve your stress and anxiety problems, while also wanting to lead a healthier life. On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that deep breathing yoga techniques are very useful to end the craving for smoking again.

7- Drink lots of water

With the water you can eliminate toxins. Staying well hydrated results in drinking at least two liters of water a day. In addition, the water will rehydrate your skin so that little by little cease to look that dull appearance so characteristic of smokers.

8- Think about what you can buy with what you save

Smoking not only negatively affects your health, but also affects you economically. Tobacco costs a lot of money and at the end of the month there are many euros that you may have thrown away garbage hurting you. To motivate yourself to stop smoking, make a list of everything you can do each month with the money you will stop spending.

9- Stay motivated learning another language

Keeping the body busy is very important, but not least is that the mind is distracted. A good way of not thinking about tobacco is motivating yourself to learn a language . It does not matter if it’s Italian, German or Chinese.

10- Look at nasty photos about the consequences of tobacco

In tobacco boxes you can already seen that the consequences of smoking are very negative for health. If you have become accustomed to the images that are shown and no longer stir your stomach, try to search the Internet for images of the consequences. It is very unpleasant, yes, but it may serve to open your eyes. Also, do not forget that quitting is one of the keys to delaying aging.


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