Tips to avoid eye fatigue

Surely you’ve thought often to work long hours on computer can not be good for health. And of course it is not. What certainly did not know is that 85% of those who spend most of their workday in front of screens have what is called eye fatigue syndrome.

Tips to avoid eye fatigue

How to prevent eye fatigue

This disease affects the eye health of those occurs suffer eye irritation, dry eyes or headaches . To avoid these inconveniences, Doctors offers some useful tips:

  • Avoid glare from windows on the screen.
  • Adjust the lighting and contrast of your computer.
  • Working with an atmosphere of between 40 and 65 percent humidity
  • Use artificial tears.
  • Rest your eyes for ten minutes every hour. During these breaks, you should recreate the view looking distant scenes.


Although not proven that such syndromes can become pathological, as the doctor is insisting that “when working with displays prolonged and usual, some minor eye deficiencies can become more or less serious injuries,” generating eye health problems recommending a proper diagnosis.

So, experts recommend that all those who spend much of the day at the computer should conduct ophthalmologic examinations periodically.

So get further that these syndromes remain just that, mere problems and not go to play a significant risk to your health. Do not forget that the eyes are a very important part of your health and welfare of sometimes not paid much attention.


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