Tips to consider before living with a partner

It is time dream finally you’re going to live with your partner. You are wanting to spend every waking minute with him, having to walk over with clothes and forth, you can cuddle every night … wake up! This big step you may also bring headaches. Your dream can become a nightmare if not before you have everything under control.

Tips to consider before living with a partner

It is very important that before making the decision to move in together, taking into account some aspects.

Can I live with my future partner defects?

All human beings have strengths and weaknesses, to live with the good things about the person we love is a pleasure, but it is important to reflect on what we do not like, and ask if we can come to stand or not.

How to manage money and expenses?

Customs on this issue have changed in recent years, if previously the man responsible for maintaining 100% to the family, today it is not, so it is important to know what kind of contributions will become one, and expenses are those that assume each.

A good relationship is not foolproof, but you can consider the following tips:

If in doubt, if something does not “close” a constructive dialogue where they can hear and be heard, support and be supported, it is usually better alternative than trying to think everything is perfect and when marry all work out.

Talk about what you expect each of coexistence. Leave everything clear and make sure that this is a step towards building a future together. You know you’re going to have the 24 hours around? A tip: take a pencil and paper, write a few requests each, when complaints or have to plan something, be it in writing. You can do this with the cleanup standards, shift kitchen … sounds young, but will prevent many problems.

Be tolerant. And if there’s something you do not like, tell him, but punish him with pouting or arguing.

Stay calm. If you get nervous your partner use your toothpaste, do not flush the toilet, or change things around … have a problem. If your guy is a complete disaster, talk to him. Sure there are things you can overlook, and of course some do not. And he will do the same for you.

Moving in together is a very important but remember to continue to maintain your own privacy. It is best if you’re ready, enjoy and do not give up soon.


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