Tips to help babies and children back to school

It’s time, almost all children starting or returning to daycare or school. Back to school is synonymous with making new friends or reconnect with former classmates. However, now adapted to the routine plays and go back to school early, studying or doing homework.

To return to school or daycare to occur successfully, your children need an adjustment period that usually lasts a few days. Here are some tips that can be helpful.

Tips to help babies and children back to school what is education,	 the education, about education

How to prepare children for back to school?

If your child starts kindergarten stage (0 to 6 years), parents can tell a few days before suddenly going to start “school”, as older children and begin to adapt their schedules to the school. When the time is important to convey confidence to feel secure the first days of class.

If the child is older ( over 6 years ), parents can begin to establish gradually a few hours. For example, raise children at a reasonable hour, around 9.30 or 10.00 am, but still do not have to be the great early start. And put them to bed around nine at night.

At home in the morning, children can use to order their room and help with some chores. If have time, may also begin to become familiar again with the books, and take a moment to read.

Parents can also help the children prepare for school supplies. Safe at home are crayons, markers and pens that have left over from last year. Together, you and your child, you can see what you can reuse school supplies and what will need to buy.

During the summer your child may have played the console or watched television more than during the school year. Now the time has come to draw a line, half an hour is sufficient. Parents can help children to choose together the most appropriate programs or games.

In your case, what measures in place to prepare children for back to school? Would you return to school obligations costs?


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