Losing excess weight by eliminating sugar from your diet

The sugar is one of the factors leading to overweight and obesity. A single teaspoon of this product has a lot of calories, therefore if it is removed from the diet can significantly reduce your daily caloric intake.

But not only reduce the consumption of white sugar from the diet, but also refined starches and fats as products sweetened with sugar. For example, butter cookies have 12% of refined sugar, 30% fat and 65% flour.. it follows that sugar is not the key issue, but part of the problem of junk food.

If you put aside such energy drinks, soft drinks, chocolate cookies, candy, donuts and muffins, a huge amount of calories in your diet, which will help you lose weight more easily. A single can of regular soda provides about 130 calories in its 34 grams of sugar.

Put sugar means incorporating more natural and unprocessed foods

Besides the foregoing, note that sugar is a marker for highly processed foods.

These foods have high calorie density, have little nutritional value, are highly refined products with added coloring, flavoring and preservatives. Besides usually are low in fiber and have a GI (glycemic index) high.

The added sugar is not a must. The reason why these foods have in common is sugar because she owe their sweetness and flavor, yet its addition makes it balances the acidity level, prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and gives a good color for baking.

Put sugar means incorporating more natural and unprocessed foods. To make this smart replacement should eat more fresh fruits and nuts, as well as salads, pure and crystalline water. To lose weight we must also eat lean red and white meats along with vegetables.

Examples of smart replacements:

Instead of the sugary junk food choose:

  • Sweetened soda water, mineral water, diet soda
  • Flavored waters: fresh water or fresh fruit juice
  • Processed fruit juices: natural fruit juices and fresh
  • Chocolate or chocolate bar: cup of hot milk with cocoa
  • Dessert: fruit salad, sliced fruit, baked apples
  • Craving something sweet: opt for toast with honey, or eat nuts.

Note that to lose weight although it must be limited to maximum sugar consumption, this does not mean completely reduce. Moderation, as always, is the key to eating healthily, sensibly and in a way that is easy to maintain over time.


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