Tips to make up the eye lashes

The feminine look, like many other attributes eyelashes are an infallible weapon of seduction. Here are some makeup tricks and tips to care for your lashes which provide a lot of sensuality in your eyes.

Tips to make up the eye lashes

The tabs have the function of protecting the eyes of various agents such as wind, earth, sun, etc. but at the same time your eyes give a subtle and feminine look, which if they bring good makeup skills can get a look irresistible that surely will not go unnoticed. If instead you have no care about them, they can weaken, fall and even if you do not use makeup properly until they can break and lose all the charm that give your eyes.


Below are some care to keep in mind if you look long flexible lashes, avoiding losing its natural charm.


When you pay attention to makeup, eyelash makeup should never wet, let alone if they have traces of makeup before, this will make them look lumpy and prevent the product adheres easily placed.

Carefully use curling iron, it should not be used once you’ve applied mascara as it could break them or damage the hair fiber.

When applying mascara, always must put in all along the same parallel with the brush and sliding from the same root to end.

The mirror, when you wear makeup eyelashes, should be at chest level, and the lids were placed in a downward position, and the tabs will be easy to disguise.

With respect to mascara, if they are dry, no water aligners, as this will lose all their property in the care of them, it is better to buy another. It is also necessary to note that the colored mascaras have pigments that easily irritate sensitive eyes, so its use is not entirely advisable in these cases, as well also use several different mascaras, one above the another, since the effect achieved is not appropriate.

On the other hand, never forget to use a good makeup remover to remove the rest of mascara once you no longer needed, and apply some specific complex to protect and care for them, this way will look always flexible and will make them up longer and striking.


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